Lake Puckaway Protection and Rehabilitation District Meeting

August 5, 2015    1:00 PM

Mecan Town Hall

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Malsack at 1:03 PM.

1.     Call to Order Certification of Open Meeting Notice


The Certification of the Open Meeting Law was met, with it being posted on the District’s website, north shore kiosk, Mecan Town Hall and other areas around the lake.

District Commissioners in attendance were:  Phil Malsack (chairman), Clayton Masters (Treasurer), Paul Gettelman (Secretary), Gene Weber and Dave Richter; Excused:  Roger Swanke, Rich Pergande    

Guests:    Aaron Bucholz, Brian Hefty (taking over for Aaron), Karl Kramer; WDNR: Derek Kavanaugh, Green Lake County;

District Members in attendance:  Randy Schmidt,

2.  Secretary’s Minutes:

 No minutes at this time from the Annual meeting and directors meeting that followed.

3.  Treasurers Report:

 A motion was made by Commissioner Weber and 2nd by Commissioner Richter to accept the Treasurers Report from Jan. 1, 2015 thru August 5, 2015 as presented.  2nd Motion passed.

4.  District member’s input:  NONE AT THIS TIME


A.   Discussion with Aaron Bucholz and Brian Hefty WDNR of new Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) regarding operation of the Princeton Dam.  Requested that we put the press release out about a month before that we are going to be putting the boards on and refer the folks to our web page.  Chairman  Malsack noted that it drops the water in the river for 3 to 5 days.   Aaron would like it to be a 5 year plan.  Chairman Malsack didn’t feel that 5 years was needed as once the dam is completed the MOUA wouldn’t be in effect.  Aaron noted that this would cover and delays that may occur in the dam construction.  As far as the dam construction, iIt is in the DNR plan for the next biennium budget and then has to go through the  next channels.  (in DNR project system). It is planned to go to DNR Secretary within the next year for that approval.  The MOUA was discussed and Aaron said that he would have the new MOUA with the modifications to Chairman Malsack. (at this time the folks from the DNR went to view the Princeton Dam and the tree that was down that will create a problem with removing the boards).  Commissioner Masters noted to the DNR and the board that the Dam boards are scheduled to be removed on October 24 this fall.

B. Report on Tern Rafts and repairs Randy Schmidt and Commissioner Pergande are going to attempt to fix the one raft that is listing (tube filled with water).  There have been 50 chicks banded.  There are still some active nests on the rafts and some small chicks. It was noted that Lake Puckaway has the 2nd largest colony of Common Terns in the state.  Common Terns are an endangered species.

C. Approval of final flight to track tagged Northerns this fall.  Chairman Malsack noted that he had talked with Dave Bartz of the DNR and it was noted that they helped with tagging the northerns as a service to the District.  They didn’t feel that any useful information would be gathered to expand on what they already know about the Northern. It was also noted that the Northern don’t leave the lake in the winter as was suspected with low water.  Chairman Malsack noted that the district shouldn’t be doing projects that only  a few commissionaires support.  Commissioner Masters made a motion that we would not pay for a final flight  2nd Comm. Weber.  Motion Passed

D. Any other old business . 

 Derek Kanvanaugh gave a summary of the grant share and when it would be available.


A.  Report on possible cost share on grant to restore the western dredgebank .   Rip rap eastern Dredge bank.  Commit to 10% of the Million $ grant or up to 10% of the Grant.  Establish a rock riprap going North to the North shore.  We need a motion to go forth with this grant proposal.  Comm Masters made a motion to commit up to $100,000 or 10% towards the grant to restore the dredge bank that Ted Johnson has explained to Phil.  2nd by Richter  Motion Passed

B.   Vote on whether to remain members of Wisconsin Lakes:  Chairman Malsack asked the commissioners If we wanted to remain members of the Wisconsin Lakes.  Chairman Malsack said that a motion wouldn’t be needed but we could do it by a hand pole.  By a hand pole, the board noted that they would not want to remain a member of the Wisconsin Lakes.  All attending commissionaires voted to not continue the membership in Wisconsin Lakes.

C.  Request for cost sharing from the District to dredge Apuckawa Launch on the north shore.   Before we commit to any money we will need to see the plan.  The request is for up to $1000. Chairman says the $ is available either in this years budget or next years. 

D. Request to start a district facebook page.  Some commissioners were not in favor of this proposal.  It was felt that it would end up being like Lake Links.  It was noted that the intent was to inform the viewers of what is going on within the district and on the lake and not to create a debate.  It was noted that the Facebook page will be watched closely for any misuse.  We have the ability to delete any comments that are objective to the content of the page.  We will try for a 6 month trial period.  It was also noted that Lake Puckaway facebook page be noted as a Governmental agency and not a non-profit as the sample showed.

E.  Any other new business -- NONE


Motion by Commissioner Richter to adjourn and 2nd by Commissioner Masters.  Motion passed . Meeting adjourned at 2:45 PM

Respectfully Submitted,

Paul Gettelman