Lake Puckaway Protection and Rehabilitation DIstrict (LPPRD)

Commissioners Meeting 

October 22, 2018  4:30 pm

Marquette Town Hall

In accordance with Ch 33.26 (6) of WI Statutes the quarterly (regular) meeting of the Lake Puckaway Protection and Rehabilitation District was called to order at 4:30 pm on Monday, October 22, 2018 by Chairman McCulloch.

Commissioners in attendance:  Chairman McCulloch, Gene Weber, Roger Swanke, Bob Schweder, Gary Wilson, Keith Barnes.  Absent: Jeff Kimber Minutes recorded by Mary Gabel

I.         Certification of Open Meeting Notice:

           Notice placed in Marquette Tribune, Markesan Regional Reporter and LLPRD website.

II.        Prior Meeting Minutes:

Minutes from September 15, 2018 LPPRD Meeting were adopted. Motion was made by Bob Schweder and seconded by Gene Weber.  Motion passed unanimously.

III.       Adoption of Agenda:

           The agenda remained the same as posted with the meeting notice. 

Secretary’s Report; Chairman McCulloch presented the secretary’s report. Roger Schwanke made a motion to accept the report as provided, seconded by Gary Wilson. Motion passed unanimously

IV.        Old Business:

a)      Princeton dam update: Brett Bender WDNR reported that the Department of Administration are reviewing the construction documents in hand. The Army Corp of Engineers are reviewing documents for permits. Dam construction status is scheduled for a spring start.

b)      Update on Marquette County - Gary Wilson will be attending Marquette county meetings and will report back at the next LPPRD meeting.

c)      Motion was made by Gene Weber to have a discussion to accept an incentive program. Seconded by Keith Barnes.  Decision was made regarding contracting with Tom Monsoor to have an incentive program for removing carp.  Motion was made by Keith that the incentive for poundage limits changed from 250k to 200k and 400k to 300k. Seconded by Bob Schweder. The maximum budgeted is $10,000.00 for 2018.  Vote taken and carried unanimously.  Chairman McCulloch asked for motion for the improving the contract verbiage for carp removal to be accepted. Motion was made by Bob Schweder and seconded by Gary Wilson.

d)      Removal of Tern rafts and buoy’s need to be done before the weather turns bad. Chairman McCulloch contacted Piers Plus to remove them all for a estimated price of $1000.00.  Chairman McCulloch made the Motion to have an emergency decision to have Piers Plus remove rafts and buoys and was seconded by Bob Schweder. Vote unanimous unanimously.

e)      Hatchery Boat to be purchase up to $5500.00 to use with new motor.  The old boat will be sold.

f)        Shallow lake study group met on 10-9-18. Gary Wilson gave an update report on reworking east/ west dredge (bird island), extending the dredging bank towards the east and planning for some future islands staggered in the east basin to stop wind fetch and aid with plant growth and habitat. Rock is planned to stabilized the dredge bank. 

g)      There was a recommendation to apply for grant money for LPPRD at $200k for rehab and protection of the lake. The grant it is based on the Lake Management plan shall be followed by LPPRD. Motion made by Chairman McCulloch to accept Lake application for the rehabilitation grant and seconded by Gary WIlson. Vote carried unanimously. Tim Hoyman from Onterra presented a professional services agreement and explained how they could help write the grant. He needs exact numbers to write the grant based on the needs of the lake. This is a Lake Protection grant.  All expenses need to be paid before any money is reimbursed by the grant. Deadline to apply is (See timeline in proposal). Money needs to be allocated for dredging and building. Tim asked that everyone look at the proposition and inform him of the decision. Chairman McCulloch made a motion to dedicate $3000 for Onterra to start Lake Protections grant project.  Was seconded by Roger Schwanke and motion carried  unanimously.

V.       New Business:

a) District wide communications. 

b) Redo the LPPR website

c) Lake Puckaway Facebook site is cost is $155.00 per year and administered by Adam Malsack. Keith Barnes will contact him about the site.

d) Future meeting date is Saturday December 1, 2018 on the north side of the lake.  Location to be determined.

VI.        Adjournment - Motion was made by Gary Wilson to adjourn meeting and seconded by  Roger Schwanke.