April 18, 2018   5:30 PM at the  Marquette Town Hall 601 Lyons St  Marquette, WI


1. Call to orer certification of open meeting notice

2. Minutes of prior meeting—

3. Treasurer’s report- Review bills- 

4.  Comments from District members in attendance (3 Min. each)

5. Old Business

            A.        Update of the Shallow Lake Management Work group

            B.        Any update on the status of the Princeton Dam

C.        Commercial fisherman contract proposal

D.        Dam update

E.         Drawdown up date

F.         Any other old business

6.  New Business

            A.         LPPRD walleye hatchery for 2018 & Storage trailer needs

            B.        Tern contract for 2018

            C.        Commercial fishermen up date for 2017 and 2018

            D.        Future meeting dates 

            E.         Shoreline permits cost and contact inf.

            F.         2019 Budget

            G.        2019 annual meeting agenda contents

            H.        Newsletter?

            E.         Any other New Business

7. Adjourn