Lake Puckaway Protection & Rehabilitation District Meeting                                       

       Monday October 22, 2018   4:30PM

              Marquette Village Hall

                   127 E 4th Street

                   Marquette, WI.




1.     Certification of Open Meeting Notice

2.     Adoption of Minutes of prior meeting

3.     Adoption of Agenda, Secretary’s Report

4.     Old Business

A. Princeton Dam Construction Update

B. County Commissioners updates on county work around Lake Puckaway

C. Carp removal Incentive Contract

            D. Removal of Tern Rafts and Buoys

           E. Fish Hatchery Boat Purchase

          F. Shallow Lake Study Group Update

          G. Writing and applying for State $200,000 Grant for LPPRD rehabilitation

                and protection on Lake Puckaway

5.     New Business

A.     Update our Web Site

6.     No Public Forum (meeting is a working meeting for the Board)

7.      Adjournment