April 25, 2019


On Monday April 22 the guys checked the nets again. There were

 a few walleyes but none they could use so they pulled the nets

for the year. Guess they figured the prime time was around the

10,11,or 12 when the winds were too high to put the nets out.

They have about 140,000 eggs. It should take about 2 weeks

for them to hatch.


 Randy reported that the ice took out our gauge at Fish Camp

So there will be no reading from there until we can get it replaced



 This is the latest info on the Dam Reconstruction

Final bids are due by April 17. If everything goes right and

the weather cooperates, construction will start late June

and finish in October. Budgeted cost $1,530,600



The Sheriff Dept has issued an emergency NO WAKE order

for the Fox River until further notice


The annual meeting was Saturday June 2. The annual budget

for 2019 was approved. A new commissioner was elected, Keith

Barnes for a three year term. Kurt McCulloch is the new chairman.

There was a good turnout for the meeting, estimated at 140 members.


The new Lake Puckaway Comprehensive Management Plan is

On this web site under photos   


Ice went out on Puckaway on April 3 2018