November 5, 2018


This is the latest info on the Dam Reconstruction

The construction documents are now under the Wisconsin Department

of Administrations final review. The Army Corp of Engineers are reviewing

the project permit. Estimated project bidding time is in January and

February with a possible spring start.


The Sheriff Dept has issued an emergency NO WAKE order

for Puckaway and the Fox River until further notice.


Water levels continue to drop about 6 per week. It will still take

many weeks before we see anything near normal


The boards went on the dam this morning Saturday July 28


There will not be a Drawdown on Puckaway this year.

Water levels were too high on June 15.


The annual meeting was Saturday June 2. The annual budget

for 2019 was approved. A new commissioner was elected, Keith

Barnes for a three year term. Kurt McCulloch is the new chairman.

There was a good turnout for the meeting, estimated at 140 members.


The new Lake Puckaway Comprehensive Management Plan is

now on this web site under Photos.


May 8 Randy and Rich moved the Tern Rafts out for the summer

Good job guys.

Ice went out on Puckaway on April 3


The Hatchery is now completed for the year. Guys are starting

to clean up and put things away for next year.

If any shoreline property owner has interest in doing something

with their shoreline such as riprapping or dredging this would

be the person to contact for permits.


Jered Seidl DNR

Water Management Specialist

625 E County Rd Y


920 303 5423


Lake froze over Dec 8 2017. Almost the same as last year


Oct 20--This past week Randy, Rich and his wife removed the

No Wake buoys from the river for the season

Randy also reported he winterized the Hatchery. The well pump

Is off, water lines blown out, water heater removed, water filter

drained. Everything should be ready for winter Good job done. Thanks for volunteering to do this.



Sept 18 Randy And Rich removed the two Tern Rafts from the

lake for the season. Good job Thanks Guys



This week we received a preliminary report on the Tern Rafts from

Daryl Christensen. It appears we will have another successful year

with the common terns hatching on puckaway.

Randy Schmidt, Rich Pergande and Gene Weber put out our

two Tern Rafts today for the 2017 season. April 19