Sept 13, 2019


Thursday Sept 12th Randy, Kurt & Paul brought in the Tern Raft

for the winter. Good job guys.


This is the latest info on the Princeton Dam Reconstruction Project


The Department of Administration (DOA) held a preconstruction meeting with DNR project representatives, the design team, and Janke General Contractors on Wednesday September 4.  Aside from DOA discussing administrative details specific to delivering a State project, the contractor explained their plans for completing the work and their anticipated schedule for this fall’s activities.  Please note that all dates are estimates and may vary based on weather conditions.  Following mobilization during the week of October 14, they intend to install a coffer dam around the north end of the dam.  This will allow Janke to install the new fish passage and the north portion of the weir cap and downstream rip rap.  This effort, and how far they get, is entirely dependent on the weather but Janke confirmed that they intend to work as long as conditions allow.  With the onset of winter conditions, they will remove the coffer dam, any excess materials, and equipment, secure the site and mobilize off site.  Once 2020 river conditions allow, typically after May on the Fox River, they will return to complete the project.  This includes the remainder of the weir & rip rap installation, replacing the lock channel gates, electrical supply, and reinstalling the upstream cable restraint.  The State’s contract includes a condition to not impact summer pool levels on Lake Puckaway through construction activities and requires project completion by November 29, 2020.  Construction activities will require a portion of the site to be closed to the public to ensure everyone’s safety.  Additional details will be provided onsite and through the DNR’s website in the near future.




Saturday’s work day at the hatchery was a huge success.

Volunteers picked up the debris that had floated into the

grounds around the hatchery during the high water. Gina

Loeffler’s employer donated a new slow no wake sign for

the hatchery (the old sign was stolen). The sign was put

back up, thank you Gina and your employer. The jars and

hatchery equipment were cleaned and put away for next

year. The slow no wake buoys in the river were cleaned off

from all the vegetation which collected on the anchors

chains and had almost sunk the buoys. One of our tern

rafts sunk back in May and had to be pulled back to the

hatchery. It was decided there was too much damage and

we needed to build a new one. Kurt McCulloch donated

the District a pontoon boat and Saturday the volunteers

turned it into a new tern raft. Brats and soda were provided

to the volunteers. Thanks again to the volunteers who

came out.


Tern update, according to Daryl 66 tern chicks were

hatched and banded off of the one remaining raft. There is

still one nest left to hatch. Looks like Lake Puckaway will

still hold the 2nd largest Common Tern colony in the state.




LPPRD had a scheduled Meeting on Saturday July 13 at 10;30

In Marquette



Randy reported that he, Rich and John Hoffman finished repairing

the Tern Rafts from the damage last year and towed them out to

the same location as last year. So they are ready for the summer

A further report 2 weeks later reported one of the rafts had sunk

The guys went out, pumped out the leaking toon and brought it to

shore. It was not repairable so we will only have one raft this year.



 Randy reported that the ice took out our gauge at Fish Camp

So there will be no reading from there until we can get it replaced

In the mean time I will estimate levels using USGS readings and

the Dam readings



The new Lake Puckaway Comprehensive Management Plan is

On this web site under photos   


Ice went out on Puckaway on April 7,  2019