††††††††††† April 18, 2018


The District has a meeting scheduled for April 18

at the Marquette Town Hall at 5:30


Ice went out on Puckaway on April 3

Water levels are up almost 2 feet with the rain and heavy snow

with more snow on the way today


Guys have about a million eggs in the hatchery from the first pull

Nets were pulled because of high winds and the snow.

Guys are not sure if they will try for more fish or just give up for the year


If any shoreline property owner has interest in doing something

with their shoreline such as riprapping or dredging this would be

the year to apply for a permit for this summer. Water will be lower

during Dam construction. If interested you can contact


Jered Seidl††††† DNR

Water Management Specialist

625 E County Rd Y


920 303 5423



This is the latest information we have on the Princeton Dam Project

State of Wisconsin Building Commission Agenda December 2017

Budget Schedule

Construction $1,452,100 SBC Approval Dec 2017

Design $126,300 A/C Selection Oct 2016

DFDM Mgt $62,200. Bid Opening Feb 2018

Contingency $101,600Start Construction May 2018

Other Fees $18,900. Substantial Completion Oct 2018

TOTAL $1,761,100. Final Completion Nov 2018


The final Lake Puckaway Comprehensive Management Plan

Is now on this web site under Photos


Lake froze over Dec 8 2017. Almost the same as last year

Some snow is forecast for tonight. Looks like winter has arrived.

I heard some guys that were still fishing were catching some Northerns

Letís hope we have a good ice fishing season.


Oct 20--This past week Randy, Rich and his wife removed the

No Wake buoys from the river for the season

Randy also reported he winterized the Hatchery. The well pump

Is off, water lines blown out, water heater removed, water filter

drained. Everything should be ready for winter.

Good job done. Thanks for volunteering to do this.


Princeton Dam Update


On Sept 20 the design modification diver was at the Princeton

Dam doing the dam inspection. The gates were opened the night

before to reduce the flow. The diver films and reports every thing

he sees under water. The two men in the boat record the audio

and video from the diver.Both sides of the dam were inspected.

Gates were closed at noon. They then did an inspection of the

lock channel gates. Their report to us was very positive. They

found the dam and gate area to be in good condition.

Letís hope that means reconstruction could start next year.


Sept 18Randy And Rich removed the two Tern Rafts from the

lake for the season. Good job Thanks Guys



This week we received a preliminary report on the Tern Rafts from

Daryl Christensen. It appears we will have another successful year

with the common terns hatching on puckaway.

Randy Schmidt, Rich Pergande and Gene Weber put out our

two Tern Rafts today for the 2017 season. April 19


The guys had a great season at the LPPRD Walleye Hatchery

They collected 2,682,000 eggs and released 2,050,000 fry into the lake

This was our 8th year of operation and in that time we have placed

11,336,000 fry into Lake Puckaway..


As most of you probably know the legislators are working on the State

2017-2019 Budget. The plan is to complete this by the end of June.

As of now we know the Princeton Dam Project at 1.7 million is in

the DNR Budget and has passed the first hurdle. It appears this

will be a long process with many hurdles to get over.†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††


In late fall the commercial fishermen checked Puckaway for carp.

We were told they did not find enough carp to make it profitable for

them to make a pull this year. The story is the carp have found the fish

ladder on the new Buffalo Dam and moved from Puckaway.


Randy & Rich pulled the no wake buoys out from up river. Remember

Slow no wake is still in effect especially with the high water.



At our Annual Meeting 2 new commissioners were elected.

Kurt McCulloch and Jeff Kimber. We welcome them to the District Board.

Paul Gettelman gave the 2016 Hatchery Report and Tim Hoyman gave the Kick Off

Presentation for the Lake Management Planning Project,