August 17, 2019


Friendly Reminder

On Saturday August 24 at 8:30 am the Lake District is having a

cleanup day at the hatchery. We are looking for volunteers to

clean up and prepare the hatchery for winter and also work on a

new tern raft barge. Brats and soda will be served to the

volunteers when we are done. Hope to see you there.



LPPRD had a scheduled Meeting today Saturday July 13 at 10;30

In Marquette


This is the latest info on the Princeton Dam Reconstruction 6/27/19

Over the last few months with new bids coming in from contractors

It appeared the original budget was well short of the new bids.

Kurt got a call from Brent Binder that the DOA had found additional

 funding for the project.

The project prep work may begin this fall, but the construction

start very likely will be in the spring of 2020 with an early fall finish.


Randy reported that he, Rich and John Hoffman finished repairing

the Tern Rafts from the damage last year and towed them out to

the same location as last year. So they are ready for the summer

A further report 2 weeks later reported one of the rafts had sunk

The guys went out, pumped out the leaking toon and brought it to

shore. It was not repairable so we will only have one raft this year.



 Randy reported that the ice took out our gauge at Fish Camp

So there will be no reading from there until we can get it replaced

In the mean time I will estimate levels using USGS readings and

the Dam readings



The new Lake Puckaway Comprehensive Management Plan is

On this web site under photos   


Ice went out on Puckaway on April 7,  2019